Sunday, August 5, 2012

People can make me smile...

You know, I tried to get over that whole "unfriending" thing today and I posted about how I must have been a nuisance.  I know I probably should not have posted that, but it definitely made my heart swell to know that people I really do not know well did not think that of me. 

A friend did post that I have a tendency to post about food and dogs.  That is pretty much my life without the complaints about work.  My goal is not to mention work that much.

I still have days where I do not feel adequate enough.  Relationships are lost upon me for whatever reason.  Some people still treat me as if I am inferior or stupid.  Maybe that is why I am where I am today. 

Maybe I am suffering major depression and do not really know it?  I mean, my legs and such just ache.  I tire very easily.  However, I figure that is due to my diabetes.  Maybe I am still not over grieving? 

Maybe I think and watch TV too much.

Is it me or you or just the way it is?

Facebook has provided me the ability to reconnect with friends long lost.  I have been able to establish new friendships with people that attended my high school.  Lately, I noticed that someone who had been such a motivator for me to work on my eating and such has dropped me from her friends list.

Part of me takes it pretty hard, but at the same time, another part of me is saying "Okay, well, she was not really acting in kind towards you."  As I sat here and re-evaluated the situation, in high school, she made me feel like I was a nuisance when I was trying to be nice.  Again, I guess we have gotten to that stage again.  I had mentioned about taking some cool wash cloths to a Ranger game and got the response about it not being her first rodeo.  I was only making the suggestion.

Quite honestly, I do not need that sort of snobbish behavior in my life.  I guess I bored her or as I said, become a nuisance.  It saddens me, but for the most part, it is probably a good thing.  There was obviously a reason why we were not "friends" in high school and today, what is the point?

I read where someone posted something to the effect of why get in touch with people who left our lives.  It was obvious that they left our lives for a reason.  This person was never really a part of my life and why is it so important that she be a part of my life now?  I guess maybe I was hoping to reconnect with people to help me with losing my mother and the work stress.  It was my escape - a place to go where there was no stress. 

I wish her well with life and should I run into her, so be it.  I won't ask why or what did I do wrong.  I have found that people generally do not want to talk about it - they just want to let it go and not explain.  So, I need to let it go and get on with life.